Kids Without Bikes

Kids Without Bikes is a Melbourne band absolutely demolishing the Triple J Unearthed charts at the moment (I’m talking holding the top three spots simultaneously). And there’s a good reason for this. They play really addictive, fast paced tunes that race along at a breakneck speed and mix in elements from genres as broad as pop, roots, and country.

See My Eyes Exploded Thanks To My Friends.

It is slightly scary just how much I identify with this song. “It’s time for tequila shots… stumbling round the pool table, no-one cares it’s four am… cold pizza… chocolate milk… stealing roadwork signs… watch Black Books till morning comes… uni deadlines count for none, we could try but we don’t care… late night Maccas… where has all our money gone?”.

To me it’s a song about the moments of fun and youth in life, the moments of just not caring and having a good time, no matter what the consequences. It’s also about reminiscing on these moments: “Talking about it and laughing about it, just thinking about it brings on the hilarity. So keep us insane cause there’s so much to gain from your antics so thank you for being there”.

This is a typical ‘fuck the future’ song, but it’s done in a very unique and endearing way.

It also doesn’t hurt that the opening chant of ‘Da Da’s is catchy as hell. My Eyes Exploded Thanks To My Friends is a really really fun anthem to the good times in life. And we have so many songs about the shit moments that it’s a refreshing change.

Check out Kids Without Bikes (Facebook, Myspace, and Unearthed).

“Bring on the highs, drunk or otherwise.”

One Response to “Kids Without Bikes”

  1. Kids Without Bikes Reply July 21, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    thanks for the great review!

    but the lyric is “drugged or otherwise”


    Kids Without Bikes

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