Umpire ‘Corner An Owl In An Alcove’

Based in Perth, Umpire have been around the music scene for the better part of five years now, but only released their debut album, ‘Now We’re Active’, last year. For those that have followed the band’s career from the beginning the wait must have been completely worth it however, because the album is fantastic, denying easy categorisation and instead drawing on countless different trends and elements to create an entirely unique sound. The wonderfully titled single Corner An Owl In An Alcove is the perfect example of this.

It’s a really great track that has seen plenty of positive write-ups from hipper websites than mine as well as airplay in Triple J. These guys look to be onto a winner both in their general approach to music and in this song particularly. You can download it for free via their Unearthed page, and can purchase ‘Now We’re Active’ in its entirety from Bandcamp.

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