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Battles Do La Blogotheque

Hot off the presses. Beautiful art, or just noise? You be the judge.

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Local Natives Do La Blogotheque

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen a new La Blogotheque video that simply took my breath away, but this Local Natives clip did just that. Featuring an acoustic version of Who Knows Who Cares, this is amazing. Their headline show tonight should be fantastic.

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Mumford And Sons Do A Takeaway Show

Check out Mumford And Sons (with Johnny Flynn) performing the b-side Banjolin Song as well as Awake My Soul. I particularly love the band attempting to do a French version of Awake My Soul at the beginning of the video, including Marcus’ cry of “We’re from Lonon mate!” when Vincent Moon is complaining they aren’t pronouncing […]

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