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Emilie Simon ‘Mon Chevalier’

French musician Emilie Simon has just released a new video for her song ‘Mon Chevalier’, taken from her upcoming fifth studio album ‘Franky Knight’, which also doubles as the soundtrack to the movie ‘Delicacy’. Given that she also wrote the critically acclaimed music used in the ‘March Of The Penguins’ film-come-documentary, it’s probably worth paying attention to this. Here’s the video in question.

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Cœur De Pirate ‘Saint-Laurent’

Recently I’ve discovered that I really like French pop music. Or rather, that I really like one French-Canadian pop singer in particular. Her name is Cœur de Pirate, which is French for Pirate Heart, and you might have heard of her through her vocals contribution to a Bedouin Soundclash track.

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Mumford And Sons Do A Takeaway Show

Check out Mumford And Sons (with Johnny Flynn) performing the b-side Banjolin Song as well as Awake My Soul. I particularly love the band attempting to do a French version of Awake My Soul at the beginning of the video, including Marcus’ cry of “We’re from Lonon mate!” when Vincent Moon is complaining they aren’t pronouncing […]

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