Cœur De Pirate ‘Saint-Laurent’

Recently I’ve discovered that I really like French pop music. Or rather, that I really like one French-Canadian pop singer in particular. Her name is Cœur de Pirate, which is French for Pirate Heart, and you might have heard of her through her vocals contribution to a Bedouin Soundclash track, Brutal Hearts. Recently she has released her second solo album, ‘Blonde’, and I really don’t feel like I’m exaggerating when I say it’s a pop masterpiece. I’ve been listening to it virtually non-stop over the last month, even though I cannot understand a single word she sings. Have a listen to a live version of my current favourite track off the record, Saint-Laurent.

It’s just so beautiful. Somehow not being able to understand the lyrics only makes the song more special, in a way similar to Sigur Rós’ music. Because no matter how good her lyrics are, they could never possibly be as stunning as how you imagine them in your head. Learn more about her via her website (if you speak French).

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