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The Top 20 Albums Of 2011

Because this is a personal site there are bound to be a few great albums missing from this list that I probably love, I just don’t know it. What I can say however is that many of the albums I did listen to properly I absolutely loved. It may not have been the best year ever in terms of new albums, but it certainly was a pretty good one. Anyway, now that I’m feeling suitably defensive, here are my favourite albums of the year. Set to shit haiku. Because why not?

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In Short: Destroyer ‘Kaputt’

‘Kaputt’ is the type of album that comes around far too rarely. It is quite simply a masterpiece, layered with so many meanings and so many strands of thought that to deconstruct it would be impossible. It’s experimental and post-modern and self-aware and so many other things. But above all else, one thing is clear: this is art.

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