The Top 20 Albums Of 2011

I didn’t actually properly listen to as many albums as I had hoped I would this year. And because this is a personal site there are bound to be a few great albums missing from this list that I probably love, I just don’t know it. For example, on my ‘To Listen’ playlist on iTunes are 2011 albums from Girls, St. Vincent, Real Estate, Active Child, Fucked Up, Youth Lagoon, and Metronomy among many many others. What I can say however is that many of the albums I did listen to properly I absolutely loved. It may not have been the best year ever in terms of new albums, but it certainly was a pretty good one.

Anyway, now that I’m feeling suitably defensive, here are my favourite albums of the year. Set to shit haiku. Because why not?


Truly intimate  

Lofi music at its best

Deserves more credit


Just pure folk music

Nothing more and nothing less

For better and worse


Gentle and violent 

Unlike most other dub step

This is real music


Haters gonna hate

This album may be cliched

But it’s so pretty


I do not speak French

But I like to think she sings

About life and love


Da da di da da

Da di da di di di di

Da da da da di


A fitting band name

But deceptive album name

I do trust these songs


Still the same great band

We have come to know and love

Just they’re all grown up


Cannot define this

At times challenging and tough

But always unique


Daunting and stylish

It’s self-described as ‘epic’

And he has a point


Unashamed fun

It’s not exactly subtle

But that is the point


Despite the title

This is really summer music

But it’s also more


Songs that could be plays

From a band unlike others

Old stuff’s better though


Win Butler’s a fan

And it’s not hard to see why

These are stunning songs


A debut album

Made in J. Boulet’s garage

Yet it’s so polished


Subtle and nuanced

Music to lose yourself in

And never return


A touching record

Songrwriting second to none

Too short but so sweet


Perfect pop album

Much more than just ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

But mainstream as fuck


No Kanye West here

Music more like poetry

That’s better than mine


Record of the year

Nothing else even comes close

To this masterpiece

5 Responses to “The Top 20 Albums Of 2011”

  1. Some fantastic albums in your top 20. I haven’t listened to all of them but will be checking out Beirut and Los Campesinos on your recommendation.

  2. This is a fantastic top 20.


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