Lisa Mitchell ‘Spiritus’

After what seems like an eternity without giving us even a sniff of new studio material, Lisa Mitchell dropped a new single onto the Js this morning. And it’s absolutely fantastic.

The song is calledĀ Spiritus, and it’s the first we’ve heard from Lisa Mitchell’s upcoming (presumably) second studio album. I don’t want to overstate this, but upon first impressions, I really really like this song. It’s upbeat as anything, much more so than virtually everything else we’ve heard from Lisa, and it’s also instantly likable, catchy, unpretentious, and fun. Lisa recently announced a national church/cathedralĀ tour, which seem to be all the rage now days, where you can presumably hear this track as well as some more new material. Details through Google, you lazy bastards.

One Response to “Lisa Mitchell ‘Spiritus’”

  1. Such a fun song! Love it!!

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