Maximo Park ‘The National Health’

I’ve always really liked British rock band Maximo Park and, having caught them last time they were out in Australia, can confirm that they are also a fantastic live act. Which is why it comes as good news that the band recently announced that their fourth studio album entitled will be entitled ‘The National Health’ and will be released on the 11th of June. Accompanying the announcement that band have released the album’s titled track onto the interwebs, so check it out below.

It’s a nice piece of straight-up rock music, the type of which we already know Maximo Park are very capable of. Judging by the press release however this is going to be quite the eclectic album, which sounds very promising indeed given that Maximo Park are at their best when they’re expanding their horizons. And, at their best, the band are capable of writing truly fantastic songs- just look at the likes of Books From Boxes and By The Monument. I’m very hopeful that this is what we’ll get from ‘The National Health’, making it an album to look forward to.

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