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Bree Tranter ‘Winter’

Like a lot of people I was pretty disappointed with the breakup of Townsville’s most promising new band (not that there was a huge amount of competition), The Middle East. Born out of the death of that outfit however is the new career of former bandmember Bree Tranter, who provided the vocals for many of the more haunting moments of The Middle East’s music. Listen to her new(ish) solo single ‘Winter’.

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Clownfacee ‘Annabelle’

Clownfacee is a New York based musician who released his debut EP ‘Winter’ very early on in the year. The EP is suitably named. This is frosty, atmospheric music that gets under your skin and is the perfect soundtrack to another freezing Melbourne day.

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Gig Review: Big Scary @ The Toff, 21st August

Last night, Melbourne’s own Big Scary played a deeply atmospheric and moving set at The Toff that fell well short of its potential but was nevertheless at times an enthralling experience.

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