Clownfacee ‘Annabelle’

I’ve been wanting to post this since it first dropped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get around to it until now. Clownfacee is a New York based musician who released his debut EP ‘Winter’ very early on in the year.

The EP is suitably named. This is frosty, atmospheric music that gets under your skin and is the perfect soundtrack to another freezing Melbourne day. I tried to pick out one song from the EP to best convey the vibe of Clownfacee’s music, but doing so was near impossible. The seven tracks of ‘Winter’ cover such a wide variety of influences and sounds that to distill this music into one track would be doing the artist a disservice. The music slides with ease from folk to electronica to ambience to experimentation, but the one constant is the palpable sense of place and time conveyed by the name of the EP and its fantastic cover.

So instead, here’s my favourite track off the EP, one of the folkier numbers, Annabelle.

Best of all, the whole EP can be downloaded for free from Clownfacee’s Bandcamp site. And it’s definitely well worth a listen.

Facebook | Bandcamp | Tumblr

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