Bree Tranter ‘Winter’

Like a lot of people I was pretty disappointed with the breakup of Townsville’s most promising new band (not that there was a huge amount of competition), The Middle East. Born out of the death of that outfit however is the new career of former bandmember Bree Tranter, who provided the vocals for many of the more haunting moments of The Middle East’s music. Listen to her new(ish) solo single Winter.

This is five minutes of beautiful, haunting, powerful music that equals just about anything we got from The Middle East, which is high praise. I don’t know too much about the track, except that it was recently released as a single on Gaga Didi, and was also featured on ‘The Man, The Well And How He Fell’, which is a CD/Book written by Imogen Rose. All that really matters however is that it is a stunning song that will hopefully spell the start of a very successful solo career.

One Response to “Bree Tranter ‘Winter’”

  1. Beautiful track… will search for more. Thanks

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