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The National ‘Twenty Miles To NH Part 2’

This track hit the interwebs a couple of weeks ago but I completely missed it, which means, hey, you might just have missed it as well. In which case I am happy to present to you a new studio recording from the greatest band in the world, The National, performing a cover of a Philistines Jr. track, ‘Twenty Miles To NH Part 2’. And holy shit what a cover it is.

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Local Natives Do Daytrotter (Again)

Yay! Finally with an acoustic version of Wide Eyes, this recording perfectly compliments their first session and the Barnstormer shows. Get it free here.

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Metric Do Daytrotter

The always wonderful Daytrotter recorded a brief session with the equally also always wonderful Metric during this year’s massive SXSW festival. Unfortunately it’s only two songs, but if you were going to choose two Metric songs it would probably be these two: Gimme Sympathy and Help I’m Alive, both from Metric’s excellent 2009 album ‘Fantasies’. […]

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