Hip Hatchet ‘American Charm’

No-one seems to know a huge deal about Hip Hatchet. We do know however that, under its current name, the band have existed for a few years, but also that they only really started to garner the fickle attention of the internet late last year with the release of an album entitled ‘Men Who Share My Name’. We also know that Hip Hatchet is currently based in Portland and is primarily the project of musician Philippe Bronchtein. They released a new album a couple of weeks ago, available only via Bandcamp as far as I can tell and for a measly sum of $8 at that. You can stream the whole album, entitled ‘Joy And Better Days’ below, but I particularly recommend the opener, American Charm.

It’s lovely, pure, honest folk music. It perfectly suits a winter day and, just like the album cover, can’t help but make you think of listening to a band live in a small warm and friendly bar. Lyrically the album is fascinating, often juxtaposing beautiful harmonies and melodies with quite dark themes, in a way similar to The Tallest Man On Earth. Above everything however this music is inviting, almost demanding that you listen repeatedly and draw yourself into Philippe’s world. This is fantastic folk music. Check out Hip Hatchet on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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