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Old Time Machine ‘Tearing Me Down’

Old Time Machine is the name given to the collaboration between Canadian musicians Ryan McNally and Kyle Cashen, both of whom play enough instruments to comfortably record solo albums. However it’s when they’re playing together that they really shine, bouncing ideas and vocals off each other and combining pure folk instrumentation with unconventional elements such as electric drum machines. The result is some really special music.

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Hip Hatchet ‘American Charm’

No-one seems to know a huge deal about Hip Hatchet. We do know however that, under its current name, the band have existed for a few years, but also that they only really started to garner the fickle attention of the internet late last year with the release of an album entitled ‘Men Who Share My Name’. We also know that Hip Hatchet is currently based in Portland and is primarily the project of musician Philippe Bronchtein. They released a new album a couple of weeks ago.

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Album Review: Mumford And Sons ‘Sigh No More’

A few days ago my train home was delayed by a massive 58 minutes. But I didn’t really care, because I was listening to this album. In all fairness I’m probably a few weeks late on this one, because these guys are already being played just about everywhere. But their debut album, ‘Sigh No More’, […]

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