Walk The Moon ‘Anna Sun’

I discovered Walk The Moon last night by watching my favourite super-awkward late night host, Jimmy Fallon. I had never heard of them before, but the American band put in one hell of a performance on ‘Late Night’, and I was immediately hooked. Having since listened to some of their studio stuff I can safely say that it’s not quite as good as their live show, but it’s still well worth a listen. Here’s the track they performed on Fallon, Anna Sun.

It walks the not-so-fine line between indie and mainstream and probably leans more towards the latter if I’m being honest, but it’s still really really fun. Put it this way: it’s the type of track you can imagine being picked up by Triple J in the near future and then Nova a couple of months later. Even fairly early on in their career Walk The Moon have landed some great support acts in the States, most notably with Grouplove. This track is taken from their 2012 EP of the same name which is available for purchase on iTunes. Check them out on Facebook

One Response to “Walk The Moon ‘Anna Sun’”

  1. I love this song!! I also just downloaded it for free on iTunes, since it was their Single of the Week :) Now my day is complete!!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/anna-sun-single/id522988885

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