The Twoks ‘240 Volts’

The Twoks are Melbourne musicians Xani Kolac and Mark Leahy, although their website points out that “The Twoks aren’t a duo, they’re a massive family”. 

They play music quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, and that in itself is something to be celebrated. Their sound is the perfect fusion of experimentation, pop, jazz, and electronica. Kolac is an electric violinist, and this permeates all of their music to create a very unique and memorable sound. Take for an example newest single 240 Volts

It takes real skill to make music this inventive and this accessible all at once. At the same time as your mind will be wondering what exactly you’re listening to, your feet will be tapping along to the very catchy melodies, and that can only be a good thing. The Twoks are launching their new EP at the Northcote Social Club on July the 29th, with tickets available at the door only.

Website | Facebook | Unearthed

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