Boy And Bear Announce Debut Album

Boy And Bear have announced that their long-awaited debut album will be called ‘Moonfire’, and will be released in Australia on the 5th of August and in America on the 9th of August. 

Although we don’t have a tracklist yet, we do have the very cool story behind the album name. According to the band’s Facebook page:

“We were in the tour bus last year and Jake went into a chemist and bought a $2 DVD for the journey. It was called ‘Moonfire’. It was about these truckers taking on a Nazi in Mexico. Though I swear the Nazi never turned up in the film and to have a Swastika on the DVD cover seems a little extreme for its un-related subplot, and by no means are we endorsing Swastika’s or truckers fighting in mexico or whaling… Oh yeah and so what was the point of that story??? Well we finally decided to name our debut album coming out this August ‘Moonfire’.”

Makes perfect sense to me.

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