Bombay Bicycle Club ‘Shuffle’

Bombay Bicycle Club have debuted their new single Shuffle online and on Zan Lowe’s radio show. 

It is the first single from their upcoming album ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’, which will be realsed August 29th. To me Bombay Bicycle Club have always been a band struggling a bit to find their identity and their sound. ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’, their debut album, was grungey and moody and quite dark at times, but its followup, ‘Flaws’ went full spectrum to a very folky sound and even included a Joanna Newsom cover. While both records were great in their own way (particularly ‘Flaws’), they lacked a certain sense of continuity and confidence in their own sound.

Anyway the point is, I think Shuffle is the most confident and self-assured the band have ever sounded. It’s a simply fantastic song from a very under-appreciated band in Australia, and I cannot wait for the album.

One Response to “Bombay Bicycle Club ‘Shuffle’”

  1. Absolutely positively love it! I think It’s incredible that a band can change their sound so much over just two years and still create music that is distinctly Bombay Bicycle Club.

    Cannot wait for a different kind of fix!

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