Harvest Festival Rumour Mill

If you’re in the mood for getting your hopes up only to have them potentially dashed in the most horrific fashion, then this is the post for you. A couple of weeks ago a music industry insider dubbed ‘Missinfo Chrissy’ claimed that “The Soundwave promoter is diverting his attention from the punk/bogan/emo/rock world and doing a more indie styled event called ‘Harvest’ which I believe will deffo feature Portishead and Bright Eyes and The National. Pretty sure this will be East Coast only”. 

Now if anything makes a rumour seem trustworthy it’s the use of the word ‘deffo’ and a source named ‘Missinfo’. But in all seriousness this was also the person who accurately leaked details about the lineup of the On The Bright Side festival, including predicting James Blake’s Australian tour, so she clearly does have some kind of insight into the industry. I didn’t post this rumour before because it seemed pretty dodgy and the bands rumoured seemed too good to be true. But new evidence has come to light that makes it seem much more plausible.

A few university websites are apparently now calling for artistic proposals for installations at a new music festival called- wait for it- Harvest, that will feature a capacity of roughly 20,000 people and a top lineup of international bands. As if we needed any further reason to get excited, the same person who leaked the original information is now claiming that The Flaming Lips will also be playing the festival. According to the brief for artists the dates of the festival are: 12th of November in Melbourne, 13th of November in Sydney, and 19th of November in Brisbane. These dates happily do not coincide with any announced tours from the rumoured bands. 

Keep in mind that all this is still very much a rumour, but holy shit is that lineup amazing or what? Props to FasterLouder for the research.

2 Responses to “Harvest Festival Rumour Mill”

  1. This looks amazing. Of course, being Australia it will be mostly rumours.

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