Splendour 2011: What We Know So Far

The Splendour rumour mill is warming up, and while keeping in mind that nothing is technically confirmed yet, here’s a brief overview of what we know (and think we know) about this year’s incarnation of Australia’s best music festival.

  1. The festival will be held in Woodfordia again, the same venue as last year.
  2. The lineup will be announced within the next fortnight (UPDATE: It will be released via the Js next Wednesday morning).
  3. The Vaccines have seemingly confirmed that they will be playing.
  4. As have The Kills.
  5. Noah And The Whale refused to quash rumours that they had already been selected as a part of the lineup, and their inclusion seems very likely.
  6. Just yesterday music website The SPA announced that reformed Brit-pop outfit Pulp will be one of the headliners.
  7. The same source listed Coldplay as all but confirmed.
  8. They did likewise with Elbow.
  9. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Arctic Monkeys have both been subject to rumours as well, and it seems likely that at least one of them will be on the bill.
  10. A whole range of acts have been ruled out, most notably Arcade Fire, The Strokes, and Freelance Whales.
  11. BONUS! Apparently Kanye, James Blake, and Friendly Fires have all also confirmed today. At this rate there’ll be nothing left to announce come Wednesday.

So there you go. Overall I’m far from excited about these rumours so far- I have little interest in seeing Coldplay or Pulp, and if they are both in the lineup then I’m slightly worried about how much of their budget Splendour has blown on them.

But then this is Splendour In The Grass, so not only do you know that the finalised lineup is going to be amazing, but you also know that it will be an awesome weekend almost regardless of the lineup. I struggle to see myself not going again this year.

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