30 Day Song Challenge #9: A Song That You Can Dance To

[Day 9: A Song That You Can Dance To]

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement

I’m not usually one for overly enthusiastic dancing at gigs, with the one exception being a Jonathan Boulet show at the end of last year, so I suppose this had better be listed as a song that I can dance to.

It was one of those semi-awkward gigs, not helped by the fact it was a Sunday night, and everyone was just kind of standing around nodding their heads. Jonathan even commented that it wasn’t a very exciting atmosphere.

Taking things into their own hands, a few people began an awesome area of dancing at the very front of the stage as everyone else kind of stood back to give them room. Helped by copious predrinks, a mate and I decided to join in, and the next thing we knew we were dancing without a care in the world with four or five other people, at the very front of the stage.

It was fantastically liberating and so very much fun. Even though the other mate we were with kind of stood back a bit of an ‘I’m not with those guys’ kind of way. But we loved every second of it, continuing to dance like men possessed, not caring how many people were watching us, for the entirity of Jonathan’s set.

The highlight was this song, which Jonathan closed the gig with. It began with a two minute extended introduction before breaking into that instantly recognisable beginning, and everyone dancing at the front just let loose, even more so than we had been throughout the whole night.

It was incredibly fun, and went down as one of my favourite gigs of last year.

Oh and on the way back into the city on a tram some drunk english guy mistook me for Mark Zuckerberg and swore at me for not respecting privacy enough.

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