And You Say The Grass Is As Tall As The Sky… Well At Least As Tall As My Hair

I’ve really been digging Brisbane band The Honey Month lately. This track is called Foliage, from their 2010 EP of the same name.

They play music that is starkly different from a lot of the stuff going around at the moment. ‘Foliage EP’ is very melancholic, and features strange arrays of instruments not often heard in music like this (their Unearthed page lists some instruments they own and utilise: piano accordion, melodica, musical saw, kalimba, mandolin, double bass and ukulele).

But instead of resulting in something obscure and hard to listen to, these elements combine with complex lyrics to form a sound that is immediately likable, very friendly, and rather uplifting at times. That their music can spark such familiar emotions and feelings with such unfamiliar instrumentation is quite impressive.

The boys were actually chosen to play at Splendour In The Grass last year, although I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to check them out. They’ve also been getting a bit of attention from Triple J, and it’s for a good reason: there’s a lot to like about this band, not the least of which is how fresh and unique they sound.

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