Laneway Playing Times

By now you’ve probably seen the playing times for the Laneway festivals happening around the country in the near future, but if you haven’t then the Melbourne times can be viewed by clicking the image above, and all other states can be accessed from the official Laneway website.

For anyone interested, I think it’s about as good as one could possibly hope for given the number of brilliants acts performing. The only thing I’m slightly annoyed about is the headline billings given to Cut Copy and Gotye instead of international acts, when you can see these two bands live numerous times every year in Australia.

But that’s a minor complaint. The major clashes for me are Beach House vs War Paint and Local Natives vs Two Door Cinema Club, but they are both pretty easy choices really. Also I imagine a lot of people won’t be pleased with Foals vs Deerhunter vs Holy Fuck, but I’m only a big fan of the second band there so it doesn’t really bother me.

All in all it looks to be shaping up as a wonderful day.

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