New Sufjan Album!

Only days after pulling off a great surprise in the form of his ‘All Delighted People EP’, Sufjan Stevens has announced that he will be releasing a full length, non-concept album, on October the 12th. It will be his first genuine record sine the 2005 masterpiece ‘Illinois’.

The only disappointment is that the album will not include a studio version of Majesty Snowbird, a ten-minute epic that has already been played extensively live by Sufjan. The decision to leave out this song has to throw doubts over whether Sufjan will ever record a studio version of it. Anyway, here’s the tracklist of his upcoming album, ‘The Age Of Adz’, and a clip of the sublime Majesty Snowbird.

01 Futile Devices
02 Too Much
03 Age of Adz
04 I Walked
05 Now That I’m Older
06 Get Real Get Right
07 Bad Communication
08 Vesuvius
09 All for Myself
10 I Want To Be Well
11 Impossible Soul

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