Two Door Cinema Club Do Like A Version

I’m still writing my review of the final day of Splendour, so in the meantime check out one of the festival’s most fun acts, Two Door Cinema Club, doing Like A Version for Triple J.

They cover Simon And Garfunkel’s Cecilia and do a great job, so have a watch of the video here.

And, for the sake of comparison, here’s Local Natives covering the same song. Both are very cool.

7 Responses to “Two Door Cinema Club Do Like A Version”

  1. While I commend you on your Like A Version mention of Two Door Cinema Club, I can’t help but notice you didn’t mention The Boat People’s Like A Version primetime spot last month (FINALLY!!). Unless you’re a huge anti-fan of La Roux, and even if you are, chances are you’ll LOVE it. Plus the live studio version they do of “Under The Ocean” is worth the .mp3 on it’s own. If you missed it go get it, you awesome music lover you.

  2. There is actually another great Local Natives version of this song, where they use trees as percussion.

  3. Two Door Cinema Club rocks!!!


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