Splendour Playing Times

After a long wait, playing times for Splendour in the Grass have finally been put up. With a lineup this consistently brilliant it was inevitable that there were going to be some huge clashes, and sure enough no-one will be able to see all their favourite bands at Splendour.

Here’s the timetable.

Some particularly nasty clashes:

Yesasayer vs Foals
Hot Chip vs Midlake
The Temper Trap vs LCD Soundsystem
(Yeah there’s not really a choice here, but Temper Trap would have been fun)
Two Door Cinema Club vs The Drums (Fuck.)
Miike Snow vs Surfer Blood
Broken Social Scene vs Jonsi vs Passion Pit

This timetable isn’t an easy one to plan your festival around, but that’s exactly what Splendour in the Grass necessitates this year. As fun as it is to just wander around a festival watching whatever band you feel like, with a lineup like this my feeling is that the way to get the most out of the experience is to plan so as to see the best artists possible.


8 Responses to “Splendour Playing Times”

  1. Good to hear your going lachy, wow there are some big clashes, though from what is above im going with foals over yeasayer, hotchip over midlake, LCD!!! over temper trap, two door cinema club over the drums (hard one), surfer blood over mike snow and jeez probably jonsi over passion pit over broken social scene (extremely hard one)!!!

    • Hey Keith, awesome that you’re going! At the moment I’m leaning towards Yeasayer, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Two Door Cinema Club and Miike Snow, but I have no idea what to do with the last clash. I’m going to the Passion Pit sideshow so might be able to miss them, but they are a lot of fun live.

  2. For those of us who haven’t seen her live yet you need to throw Lisa Mitchell into the The Temper Trap vs LCD Soundsystem clash. I know it’s an easy choice but I was still looking forward to seeing her and the Temper Trap.

    Along with the clashes you listed I now find myself needing to pick between Florence and the Machine and Art vs. Science, Laura Marling and Fat Freddy’s Drop, Jonathan Boulet and Ernest Ellis, Whitely and K-Os as well as Midnight Juggernauts and the Strokes. God damn it Splendour just got a whole lot more difficult.

    • Hey, yeah there are heaps of Aussie band clashes as well, maybe I can help a bit:

      I saw Florence live and was really really underwhelmed, but others said she was amazing so I guess it’s a love or hate kind of thing. Art Vs Science got rave reviews for their Falls slot and they’ll be insane fun of course, but then they are touring immediately after Splendour.

      I’ve seen Jonathan Boulet and Ernest Ellis live a couple of times, neither are amazing live to be honest, whichever one you choose will be good but you also won’t be missing anything massive.

      Whitley is really great live, but a big part of this is his banter which may not translate well to a festival. If he’s playing solo then his songs get a bit same-y, I’ve never seen him with a band. Again, he’s touring later this year as well, playing half acoustically by himself and half with a band, so if you like K-Os (I don’t know them) I would go with them.

      Midnight Juggernauts I’ve seen live a couple of times and found them pretty horrible to be honest, but I’m not a huge fan of their recorded stuff either. The Strokes will be massive and even if you’re not the biggest fan I think they’re a great band to just see live.

      Wow that’s long. Hope it helps a bit, obviously all just my personal opinion :) Sucks about Lisa Mitchell and The Temper Trap, they’re both great live but at least there will be plenty of chances to see them.

      • Yeah, I’ll probably lean towards the international acts every time just because it’s far more likely I’ll get a chance to see the Australian acts again some time soon, don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it like that until you pointed it out.

        When I really think about the clashes could be a lot worse, I’m still going to be able to see my top 5 (Frightened Rabbit, Tame Impala, Jonsi, LCD Soundsystem and Foals) without to much effort. Is it still to early to make the best weekend ever call?

      • I’m very jealous of you all.Whitley is going to move to England and change the kind of music he makes so it might be cool to see him, although he is doing a final tour. As for the last clash, Joni all the way, especially if you’re seeing passion pit in their sideshow. That’s said, they’d be a lot of fun.

  3. Definitely not too early to make the best weekend ever call, I can’t wait. The timetable’s not as bad as it could have been all things considered, in fact apart form the last clash it’s pretty sweet. Good point Lauren this may be the last chance to see Whitley at a festival playing these songs, and I’m definitely leaning towards Jonsi for Sunday night.

  4. yeah, theyre are quite a few clashes but we are being greedy. these are good problems to have people!
    im going yeasayer but only cause im seeinf foals sideshow, otherwise id choose foals. midlake, LCD, drums, surfer blood and after much painful consideration, JONSI!
    you have to – we’ll get the chance to see bss and passion pit, but jonsi prob wont ever tour australia as jonsi ever again

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