Alps is an indie band hailing from Sydney, consisting of Niall White , Charlie Godwin , Dave Smith, and Fergus Wilson. They are easily confused with the better known (and also great) shoegaze outfit consisting of Chris Hearn also called Alps, and also from NSW.

Inconspicuous name aside (according to their Facebook page they are actually looking for a new name), Alps are pretty great. They’ve got a really laidback feel to their music, or at least they have a very laidback feeling to the one song they have so far recorded, Tourist. The really relaxed approach to the guitar work and vocals contrasts harshly with the overarching themes of the lyrics, to create quite a surreal effect.

“Luckily there’s time to go, there’s new dimensions we dont know. The future’s still not what it used to be. One for all and all for one, apart of science you’ve become that has no understanding of the point.”

It remains to be seen where Alps go from here- they are still a very young band, but apparently their debut EP is due out towards the end of the year, and if Tourist is anything to go by they have a bright future ahead of them.

2 Responses to “Alps”

  1. Really Really talented guys, your music sounds absolutely wonderful, and it made my day thank you

  2. Hey just letting you know that we have renamed to TALES.

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