Acoustic Local Natives ‘World News’

So my love for LA band Local Natives isn’t exactly a secret, and their debut album ‘Gorilla Manor’ is easily one of my favourite records so far this year. And my favourite song off the album, World News, just happens to be one of the tracks the band chose to play acoustically when they dropped by the Daytrotter studios.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Daytrotter, be prepared to exceed your download limit this month. Basically it’s the audio equivalent of the video website La Blogotheque. Daytrotter manages to get amazing indie bands into their studio ridiculously often, and then they put up the resulting recordings for free download. They’ve been doing this for several years, and their archive is a true thing of beauty.

Local Natives have been doing quite a bit of stuff with Daytrotter, which culminated in playing a series of shows in barns as part of a tour dubbed the ‘Barnstormer’. Audio from these shows is up for download (for a minimal fee), but they also recorded a studio session early last year, which included an acoustic version of World News.

Anyway, long story short, this recording completes me. Check it out below and download the full session for free from Daytrotter.

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