I Was Nearly Captured By MGMT

So I was really hoping to be able to give you guys a fairly exclusive idea of what MGMT’s upcoming album sounds like right about now, but things didn’t turn out that way.

MGMT (or their management, which is irony in action) are currently running a ‘Where Is MGMT’ competition, with the winners being rewarded by being abducted in an unmarked van, being given a colouring book and pencils, and being among the first in a world to hear their upcoming album ‘Congratulations’. Plus some exclusive merch.

The competition was simple but cool: at a scheduled day, the MGMT website would release GPS co-ordinates for a city, and fans would then have to race to get to those co-ordinates. The first ten would get captured.

Today was Melbourne’s turn.

So I met up with a friend in the city and we sat on a laptop in Maccas (yay for free WiFi), and waited for MGMT to release the clue for Melbourne. Sure enough, right on 4pm, the GPS co-ordinates were released, and we typed them into Google Maps to reveal a location in St Kilda.

I had been sure it would be somewhere in the CBD, but regardless we rushed to get on the tram to St Kilda, only mildly concerned about how utterly insane what we were doing was.

We got off the tram at about 4:45pm, thinking we had probably missed the boat, but still somewhat hopeful. We then proceeded to get lost in St Kilda, and had to re-check the co-ordinates to learn that the spot we were meant to be heading to was in fact right near the tramstop.

By the time we arrived it was 5pm, and we were just in time to see the van departing, much to our dismay. The MGMT representative told us that we were 18th and 19th respectively, meaning we probably missed out by about quarter of an hour, or the amount of time we spent looking in the wrong direction.

So we got a crummy $10 gift certificate each, which I suppose I can’t really complain about, but I was hopefully of an ‘I Was Nearly Captured By MGMT’ badge that had been given out in other cities.

Ultimately it was an unsuccessful venture, but a fun one nevertheless. I appreciate the band doing something like this for their fans, because it would have been amazing to be in that van. So if you made it, or you failed like me, feel free to share your story.

And it undeniably makes a cool story.

One Response to “I Was Nearly Captured By MGMT”

  1. That’s a really cool idea, even if it is a tad mental. I want an mgmt colouring book. Bummer you missed out

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