Don’t Miss: Heaps Of Gigs

There has been a typically ridiculous amount of bands announcing Australian/Melbourne tours recently, and even though I’m really starting to run out of money to spend on live music, there are some of these that I just can’t imagine missing. So check it out:


Prince Bandroom, 26th March, $35

A great pricetag for one of the it bands of the moment, and the “late show” billing has me very excited- this could be an epic night. I’m trying to find someone to go with as I type this, and if I can then I will definitely not be missing this one.


John Curtin Hotel, 27th March, $10

The other project of Pluck favourite Jonathan Boulet, Parades play infectious music that I imagine would work very well live. A great chance for a truly intimate (and very cheap) gig.


Prince Bandroom, 9th April, $25

They’re not exactly my favourite band, but in a packed Prince Bandroom, I can imagine Bluejuice being a loooot of fun.

The Mountain Goats

The Corner Hotel, 14th April, $38

I missed these guys when they toured here last, but they are back already, touring their latest album which I really haven’t been giving enough attention. The price is very decent for a huge international band, and I’m definitely keen to be at this gig.

Julian Casablancas

Palace Theater, 7th May, TBA

This tour probably puts to rest the persistent rumour of The Strokes headlining Splendour this year, but personally I am still very happy with a headline tour from The Strokes frontman, whose solo album last year was just excellent. Barring a horrible pricetag, I find it hard to see myself missing this one.

Lisa Mitchell

The Forum, 28th May, $40

This represents a pretty huge step up in terms of venue size for Lisa Mitchell. Given that she has played a series of shows at the much more intimate venue of The Corner Hotel, and that she played and is playing pretty much every Australian festival, it will probably be a mix of diehard Lisa fans and those who haven’t seen her live before at this gig. Openers Boy And Bear have me tempted, but ultimately I might have to pass on this one having seen Lisa so many times before. No reason why you have to pass as well though.


The Corner Hotel, 5th and 6th July, $33

I saw these guys at the Aussie BBQ Showcase and was blown away. They were just very very fun. I was thrilled when they announced a headline tour and even more thrilled when they chose The Corner for their venue, but is it just me or is that ticket price a bit steep, especially when they played at the Showcase which was only $15 a pop?

If you’re somewhere else in Australia then check out the bands’ websites, most of these are national tours I believe.

And don’t forget all the other tours going on that I have already posted about on Pluck, including Kid Sam, The Philly Jays, and The Boat People. Plus all the Comedy Festival stuff happening at the moment of course. Wow, busy times.

One Response to “Don’t Miss: Heaps Of Gigs”

  1. Aussie BBQ was a fundraiser and band only played 25min sets – Wagons also bringing out Those Darlins from USA so $33 will be worth it i reckon…

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