News: Download The New The Boat People Single For Free

The Boat People, one of my favourite Australian bands at the moment, have a new album, the awesomely titled ‘Dear Darkly’, due out soon, and they have recently released the second single from it, following up on the first single Echo Stick Guitars.

New single Soporific continues the band’s own personal style of lyrical playfulness, and is another wonderfully catchy and fun tune.

For a limited time the song is available to download free, in exchange for joining The Boat People mailing list.

So head here to join the mailing list and grab the track, and make sure to check out The Boat People’s upcoming single launch at the Workers’ Club!

2 Responses to “News: Download The New The Boat People Single For Free”

  1. Very very excited, this is going to be their masterwork, I have a feeling. I hope critics/reviewers are paying keen attention to this one. Btw, a vote for their single here is going to do them good exposure:

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