News: Ben Lovett Of Mumford And Sons Is Cool

A few days ago I noticed that a Facebook group called ‘Mumford And Sons Suck Ass’ had emerged. Thankfully it only has like 100 members, but what’s really worth noting is how Ben Lovett, keyboard player for the band, responded to the thoughtless criticism on the page’s wall, with typical Mumford And Sons grace and humour.

2 Responses to “News: Ben Lovett Of Mumford And Sons Is Cool”

  1. Woah, some people are really low. Mumford and sons are my favourite band, the guys put in loads of effort to what they do, if people can’t appreaciate it, don’t leave loads of nasty hateful shit on facebook, and if your that shallow you have to put it on a website to get noticed, your a bit of a fag aren’t ya? I really feel for the guys, i bet it’s annoying when people do things like this when they try so hard, I bet it pisses them off ’cause it pisses me off and i’m just a fan…

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