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Mumford And Sons ‘Home’

Mumford And Sons are one of those bands that love to trial new material on the road before taking it to the studio, and they’ve been doing just that recently with a new song which has been dubbed ‘Home’ by fans. They’ve also played it for Colorado radio station KBCO, which is what gives us this high quality recording.

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Two New Arcade Fire Songs

Radio rips of two new Arcade Fire songs from their upcoming album ‘The Suburbs’ have surfaced. And wow. I like these much more than the two songs officially released so far, and can definitely see both of these being album favourites. These are simply superb songs. Can’t wait! “I would rather be wrong than live […]

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You Have To Hear: The Blow Parade

Something a little different: The Blow Parade is a comedy radio show currently airing on Triple J. It takes a satirical look at the music scene, and is performed by Andrew Hansen and Chris Tayler of the infamous comedy team The Chaser, as well as Craig Schuftan. The Blow Parade takes the guise of a […]

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