You Have To Hear: The Blow Parade

Something a little different: The Blow Parade is a comedy radio show currently airing on Triple J. It takes a satirical look at the music scene, and is performed by Andrew Hansen and Chris Tayler of the infamous comedy team The Chaser, as well as Craig Schuftan.

The Blow Parade takes the guise of a typical music radio program, with your host Captain Blow exploring a different defining band of an era of music each episode. Only these aren’t your typical (or real) bands.

Only three episodes in, the show has already had some absolutely classic moments and created some really memorable characters, my favourite of which is Pitchfork writer Armando Hirsch, who is constantly interviewed by the show only to have his mic cut off when he mentions too many hipster bands or says ‘visceral’ repeatedly.

Check out a very short clip of the show below, featuring none other than Armando Hirsch. Make sure to listen to The Blow Parade on Triple J at 5pm each Wednesday, and you can catch up on older episodes by subscribing to the podcast.

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