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Album Review: Beirut ‘The Rip Tide’

So I’m just going to say it: this is Beirut’s best album. From start to finish, ‘The Rip Tide’ is a sublime listening experience. At only just over half an hour long you may think that this record might feel lacking in substance, but quite the opposite is true: there is just so much packed into these 33 minutes. There is not a single second wasted, and instead of a lack of substance we have an abundance of fantastic tracks, any one of which could easily be a single. This is beautiful music, and more importantly it has Zach Condon’s personal watermark all over it. This album could come from no-one else.

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Album Review: Bon Iver ‘Bon Iver’

‘For Emma’ was so 2008. Welcome to the newer, meaner, denser Bon Iver. A year ago it seemed alien to imagine a Bon Iver song that required more than a couple of instruments, but in reality this new, more complex sound is a direction that Justin Vernon has been hinting at in his live shows for the better part of three years. The fact that he never tried to transcribe the sparseness and desolation of ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ into a live show, but instead insisted on using a full band and plenty of instrumentation, was perhaps an indicator that he thought the album was impossible to recreate. And the fact that he hasn’t tried to recreate ‘For Emma’ in Bon Iver’s latest self-titled album turns out to be nothing short of a stroke of genius.

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You Have To Hear: New Arcade Fire Songs

Well, kind of. These are very short previews of the songs featured on the upcoming 12″ single from Arcade Fire. Apparently the 12″ will be released on June the 1st, and an album will follow shortly, but very little is confirmed at the moment (we don’t even know the name). I simply cannot wait. Via […]

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