And The Giraffe ‘Underground Love’

I’ve been meaning to post the song Underground Love from Florida(ian?) band And The Giraffe for a while now, and what finally swayed me was the fantastic music video that the band have just recorded to accompany the track, which is taken from their debut album ‘Something For Someone’. The video was shot in Los Angeles over the course of three days and with a budget of approximately $0, but it has come out a treat. Check this out. 

The song itself is also pretty great. It’s definitely a grower, and aspects of it that seemed a bit underwhelming upon first listen now, such as the slightly washed out and breathy vocals, are now capable of taking my breath away after repeated listens. It’s not exactly in your face, but the fact that it manages to be so powerful whilst still being so restrained is a real accomplishment. There’s definitely a bit of Iron And Wine being channeled here. You can purchase ‘Something For Someone’ over at And The Giraffe’s Bandcamp page by naming your own price. While you’re at it check them out over at everyone’s favourite privacy-invading social networking site.  

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