Harvest Playing Times

Finally, finally, finally, after the most ridiculous and protracted lead up of all time, the timetable for the Harvest Festival in Melbourne is out, a mere three days before the festival. Nothing excuses the general incompetence of everyone involved, however the timetable is perfect.

TV On The Radio, Bright Eyes, The National, and Portishead is the perfect run of acts for me, and chuck in a little bit of The Walkmen and The Flaming Lips and you have one hell of a day. The only issue that I can see is that there actually aren’t enough clashes- I can imagine most of the crowd will be spending the day at the exact same place. But that’s a minor complaint. Let’s forget all the periphery stuff, bring on a great festival.

One Response to “Harvest Playing Times”

  1. I’m really happy with the line-up other than the National/Mogwai clash. The only thing I’m really concerned about it getting home. Two shuttle buses after The Flaming Lips. I can see lots of unhappy and stranded punters.

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