Enola Fall ‘Andromeda’

I saw Tasmanian band Enola Fall open for The Jezabels more than a year ago. They played a really enjoyable set full of keyboard-driven rock music, structured around lead singer Joe Nuttall’s brilliant falsetto. The thing that really struck me about the band was that they were very intent on developing their sound- so much so that they passed out a notepad into the crowd halfway through their set, asking for constructive criticism and praise.

I’ve been meaning to post about them since that gig but never got around to it until now. That’s a shame as well, because I missed the perfect opportunity to get onto them before they got big- as well as opening for The Jezabels the band have now enjoyed extensive airplay in Triple J, played at the Falls Festival in Tassie, and opened for The Panics. Have a listen to Andromeda, taken from the band’s 2011 EP ‘I Am An Aerial’.

I like it lots. You can grab it for free from the band’s Unearthed page.

2 Responses to “Enola Fall ‘Andromeda’”

  1. Did you write anything on the notepad? Never seen that before.

    • I’m pretty sure I did, it was so long ago. I would have been pretty positive, they were good fun. I remember my mate wrote ‘nice bass’ because he had just bought the same one.

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