Youth Sounds ‘It’s Hell’

Youth Sounds are an aptly named band hailing from New Orleans who released their second EP earlier this year, ‘Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow’. It builds upon the synthy, dreamy, floaty sound the band exhibited on their first EP, injecting it with more percussion and more emotion. While their first EP was a great listen in its own right, it really does seem as if the band were told “Once more, with feeling”. 

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Have a listen to the excellent It’s Hell, the opening number of the EP and also probably my favourite track, although it’s not without some stiff competition.

Youth Sounds is fronted by siblings Erika and Federico Mejia, and this no doubt contributes to the sense of unity and cohesion in their music. Erika’s vocals are nothing short of sublime, floating gently beneath the synth only to emerge with a fierce, attention-demanding power.

Youth Sounds impossibly manage a sound that seems both DIY and polished, striking the balance of production and post-production perfectly. They have a great, memorable, and unique feel to them, and I’ll be surprised if they don’t start taking off in terms of popularity very soon.


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