Oh No! Yoko ‘Go Alien’

Canadian band Oh No! Yoko play insanely infectious pop music, and have recently released their debut album entitled ‘Pau Pau’, feauting old favourite 90s Kids as well as plenty of new tunes.

One of these new songs is Go Alien, and the band have made the song available for free via their Bandcamp page (along with 90s Kids), so you really have no excuse not to head there can grab it right now.

It’s a great track, with an unmistakable Wild Beasts vibe to the beginning before it breaks into a more typically upbeat Oh No! Yoko sound. While I haven’t heard the entire album, if the five new songs are anywhere near as good as the two songs I already know then it is one hell of a release. 

With a great feel to their music, plenty of youthful energy, and a ton a pop hooks, not to mention an awesome name, it really does look as if Oh No! Yoko may be onto something very good indeed.

Facebook | Bandcamp | Myspace | Tumblr

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