Lord Huron ‘The Stranger’

Lord Huron is the music project of LA based visual artist Ben Schneider. Despite only assembling his band a year ago, Ben has already put out two very high quality EPs as Lord Huron, ‘Into The Sun’ and ‘Mighty’. The music he plays is difficult to place: it’s folky, popy, a bit africany and very very cool. There’s a lot of Jinja Safari vibes to be found here, but then there’s also a bit of Fleet Foxes and Fool’s Gold as well, plus- dare I say it- some Paul Simon. Listen to The Stranger, my personal favourite from ‘Mighty EP’.

This is beautiful, elegant, lush music. You can say what you want about how often white musicians are using African musical elements to compliment a more Western sound, but when it results in music this stunning who cares. Besides, there’s something about Lord Huron’s music that just sounds a lot more genuine than some of the other stuff out there doing similar things.  While The Stranger is easily the most infectious song on ‘Mighty EP’, it’s not a lone standout, with every song offering something worthwhile. Ben has said that his music is meant to inspire “power, beauty, mystery and myth”, and I honestly think that’s exactly what it does.

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