Foster The People ‘Call It What You Want’

There’s a new song from Foster The People floating around on the interwebs today, Call It What You Want. It’s the third track off their upcoming debut LP ‘Torches’ (review here), and this makes it nearly half of the album we’ve heard now. Does that mean I’m technically allowed to call it my favourite album of the year yet?

It’s a seriously great track, and is more in line with the dance vibe of Helena Beat than it is with the lofi chill of Pumped Up Kicks. Do these guys know how to write a bad song? ‘Torhces’ is out on the 24th of this month, preorder it here.

One Response to “Foster The People ‘Call It What You Want’”

  1. I saw your Twitter post. This definitely got my attention!
    In fact, it inspired me to do some digging on Youtube, and some other non-EP tracks are there too. Cheers for the tip.

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