30 Day Song Challenge #17: A Song That You Hear Often On The Radio

[Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often On The Radio]

Mumford And Sons – Little Lion Man

I don’t really listen to the radio at all. While Triple J do a lot of cool stuff, for every song they play that I like they seem to play two that I hate, so it doesn’t really make for worthwhile listening. I feel that radio is somewhat irrelevant to be honest. Now that you can play music off your iPod wherever you can play the radio, and considering that interviews and features on bands are plentiful on the internet, the sole reason you would listen to the radio instead of your own music is for the discovery of new artists.

And even then, there are far better ways to go about discovering new music, most of which involve the internet and are much more personalised and fruitful than the inevitably hit-and-miss nature of listening to the radio (I’m really digging the new iPhone app called ‘Discovr’ in particular). But yet of course my own views are completely out of line with actual evidence, which seems to suggest that the number of people listening to the radio in Australia is either increasing or at the least stabilising.

Not that I’d say no to a job offer from Triple J… anyone?

No? Fine. Anyway, back in the days when I listened to the radio a bit more than I do now, I remember hearing Mumford And Sons’ Little Lion Man about once every hour on Triple J. Not to show off or anything, but I was onto these guys way before they were picked up by any Australian radio station, and I was kind of disappointed with the extent to which they were overplayed.

It certainly didn’t ruin the song for me, and I have been known to listen to the one song hundreds of time when left to my own devices, but I still didn’t really like hearing one song this often on the radio. Perhaps it was a reflection of the desires of Triple J listeners, or perhaps it was a conscious choice by the station, but either way it resulted in the song winning the Hottest 100 and the band garnering an enormous supporter base in Australia.

So I guess with the bad comes some good- thanks to how much Triple J flogged this song, Mumford And Sons were able to tour Australia twice relatively early in their career, and I’ve been lucky enough to see them live three times. A similar phenomenon was witnessed with Foster The People, who you can be fairly sure were only able to tour Australia after just the one EP because of the support shown to their music by Triple J.

Whilst I do hate any radio station getting carried away with a song I thought was a bit of a personal hidden gem beforehand, if it means being able to see the band live in Australia then it is almost certainly worth it.

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