30 Day Song Challenge #3: A Song That Makes You Happy

[Day Three: A Song That Makes You Happy]

Martin Sexton – Diner

Pretty much all of the music I listen to makes me happy. Why else would you listen to music? Sure there’s some songs that are designed to spark different emotional responses, but even then there’s a sense of enjoyment I think, at least for me.

But if I’m feeling a bit down, Martin Sexton’s Diner is a song that can always cheer me up. Seriously, how can anyone not be happy when listening to this song? Like a lot of people I recognise it from the dance montage scene of Scrubs, which was cool and all that, but it is a great song in its own right.

This song always puts me in a good mood. I think it’s something to do with the awesome carefree vibe coupled with the scat singing chorus, but to analyse why it makes me happy would be counterproductive. It just does.

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