30 Day Song Challenge #2: Your Least Favourite Song

[Day Two: Your Least Favourite Song]

Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire

Wow, this song challenge thing is easy. Just like my favourite song, my least favourite song is a bit of a no brainer.

Whilst I’m sure that there are much worse songs going around, this one takes the cake for me because it seems to epitomise so much of what is wrong with the music industry. It is completely lacking in any class or originality whatsoever, and is the most mediocre and generic piece of rubbish I can possibly imagine. Plus the lyrics are simply dreadful, and it tries to sell sex about as subtly as a porno does.

I don’t think I’ll ever really get over the fact that this won Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown.

The song really gets to me because it’s such a sell out for Kings Of Leon. I actually kind of liked their music before this, having seen them open for Pearl Jam back when no-one had heard of them. They still weren’t amazing, but they were alright until this song, which ironically is also how they found their maintsream success. It’s a scary thought that they had to do something like this to be successful.

So yes, I’m sure there are worse songs out there, even truly offensive songs (see Brian McFadden’s disgusting salute to date rape), and when you boil it down Sex On Fire is just a mediocre and boring track. But that doesn’t mean I can’t hate it.

Oh, and Neutron Star Collision definitely deserves a shoutout here as well.

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