Sufjan Australian Tour?

It is being reported that it is being reported (how legit does it sound already!) that Sufjan Stevens will be playing a show at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide on February the first 2011. The article in question was apparently in an Adelaide newspaper today, and if this is true then it is hard to imagine that he wouldn’t also be doing other shows around the country.

Bear in mind that this is about as far from confirmed as it can possibly get, so I’m trying very hard to keep my hopes from getting too high, but this looks mighty promising. Hey it even has a page, so it must be true! The show is a while away, so even if it is true there might not be any official announcement for a while, but I’ll keep this page updated as news comes to light.

Hooray for the lack of online journalism accountability!

Update: Well how about that, the Adelaide show is confirmed. Tickets are available here. Now, we wait for announcements for other states. Either that or I’m going to Adelaide.

Updated Update: Datesies.

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