Splendour Needs Your Help

I try to avoid politicising this blog as much as possible, but in this case I think it’s more than justified.

My favourite Australian music festival, Splendour In The Grass, needs your help to secure a permanent home in NSW. Personally I, like pretty much everyone else who attended the festival this year I am sure, would love to see Splendour stay at Woodfordia, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen, so we really need to get on board with this plan if we want to see the festival survive.

I honestly believe that Splendour this year was the first Australian festival to break into the ranks of truly international music festivals. The lineup was miles ahead of anything Australia has ever seen in the past, as was the organisation, grounds, atmosphere, and crowd. This is a festival we simply cannot afford to lose.

Quite aside from this, music festivals deserve more support from our government. They get a lot of bad press, and sure there are some rare isolated nasty incidents, but the vast majority of the time music festivals do wonders for local economies, and provide a chance for youth culture to really shine.

In addition to this, music festivals are comparatively gentle on the natural environment considering that the grounds will go unused for the majority of the year, and Splendour in particular is committed to a sustainable festival and environmentally friendly practices.

Some of the best days of my life have been spent at music festivals, and I think we should be doing whatever it takes to ensure their survival, especially as we have seen both the Australian incarnation of the V Festival and Sydney’s Homebake Festival go under this year.

So read the Splendour In The Grass article on the topic, and then take a few minutes to fill out a positive submission to The NSW Department of Planning, and make sure that this wonderful music festival gets the support that it deserves.

Yes we have a lot of other festivals, but Australia needs Splendour.

5 Responses to “Splendour Needs Your Help”

  1. Bring it to Victoria, we’ll give it a permanent home no worries.

  2. Thanks for blogging this – just made my submission.

  3. Hrm “music festivals are comparatively gentle on the natural environment.” Comparative to what? Like a volcanic eruption?

    I’m told that really this isn’t the case, I noted reviews of this years Splendor which slammed it for its lack of planning when it came to the environment. People trampling through natural brush to get to stages, bad planning and all that.

    I’m not trying to be explicitly critical your support of Splendour, but I would wager that music festivals are generally not as environmentally friendly as they put themselves out to be. A few recycle bins here and there does not change the fact that money motivates these people, not music, nor the environment.

    Incidentally, have you ever been to Golden Plains? I’ve been to many a festival, and apart from my sojourn to Glastonbury in 2008, this has been the best run festival I’ve attended, and more environmentally aware than the likes of Splendour. I’d recommend it.

    • Compared to a use that would have the grounds occupied for the whole year I suppose. Obviously a concentrated two or three day festival is going to hit the area pretty hard, and I’m no expert on the matter, but I think Splendour does it pretty well. They’ve been carbon neutral since ’06, contribute a lot to environment charities, and there were even ‘environment officers’ at this year’s event aiming to stop littering. It may not be perfect but I think they are making a genuine effort.

      I’ve never been to Golden Plains, but I’ll definitely keep it on my radar. Splendour’s the festival for me though, however admittedly I haven’t been to an overseas festivals yet.

  4. I completely understand everything you are saying here.
    i love splendour and have been 6 years straight.

    But this site should not be allowed and its only because of the money the propritors have that the fight for it to be there has even gone this far.

    i know the yelgun area well and grew up in byron shire. And i know how desperate the situation is with the environment and the animals. Im also very well educated in the effect human disturbance, artificial night lights and noise pollution can have on the delicate ecosystem and delicate lives of many important animals.

    it devastes me that a festival that promotes itself as beinf “green”, would go to the lengths it has gone to use this site. 50000 people involves a lot of traffic, heavy machinery and many other things.

    Please reconsider your thoughts on this ..

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