News: Splendour In The Grass Lineup Drops Tomorrow

If you’re sick of all the rumours then you don’t have long to wait, because the official lineup for one of Australia’s premier music festivals, Splendour In The Grass, is coming tomorrow.

Rumours have included artists ranging from The Strokes to LCD Soundsystem to The Pixies, but the only confirmed name as of now is former The Verve frontman, Richard Ashcroft, who leaked that he will be attending the festival on his official site.

My tips? The Strokes to headline, as their announced tour fits Splendour way too perfectly to be a coincidence. The Pixies as an outside chance (although surely them and The Strokes is too much to hope for), and LCD Soundsystem, The Temper Trap, and Mumford and Sons to add some depth to the lineup.

Some cool smaller Australian bands would be a nice touch as well, but perhaps they are more likely in a subsequent announcement. Regardless, most questions will be answered tomorrow. Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “News: Splendour In The Grass Lineup Drops Tomorrow”

  1. Hoping for The Boat People in the Australian Bands category — their 3rd album imminent and they’re touring currently.

  2. The Boat People would be awesome as would Cloud Control playing on the back of their upcoming debut album. There’s always the chance of festival favourites like Yves Klein Blue, British India, Lisa Mitchell etc as well. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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