Gig Review: Yves Klein Blue @ Pushover, 7th March

This was my fifth time seeing Yves Klein Blue live, making them my most seen live artist, and although it was the least enjoyable of the five for me, the boys still put on a great show.

Pushover is an annual all ages music festival held in Abbotsford Convent. It would have taken a great lineup to get me attending, as I’m not really a huge fan of the all ages thing, but the lure of one of my favourite Aussie bands, Yves Klein Blue, was too much to resist.

I brought tickets before Yves Klein Blue had announced that they were opening for Franz Ferdinand a few nights earlier or performing a headline show at the Corner Hotel a week later. Had I known this I certainly wouldn’t have got tickets, but anyway I had tickets and the stormy weather wasn’t going to deter us from seeing Yves Klein Blue at Pushover.

We arrived at about 6pm, a good twenty minutes before Yves Klein Blue were due to appear in the artist signing room. There was already a decent queue but thankfully we managed to get into the room just a bit after the scheduled finish time of the signing. It was great to meet the guys again, and they were as always very gracious and humble, and seemed very impressed that I had actually bought one of their posters to the signing.

So I got my poster signed by all the guys, complete with artwork, which was great, although there was no time to chat or discern whether Michael had in fact started to recognise me at live gigs (after having seen YKB four times before), because it really was like a production line: get in, get something signed, get out. The band even apologised that “It couldn’t be more personal”, but it was still good fun.

We then headed off to the Yves Klein Blue stage to wait it out and be mortally scared by the act on beforehand. Eventually they departed and there was a bit of a push among the crowd to get to the front, even though the room was only a quarter full, demonstrating that although YKB might not be the most well-known act, those who do know them, love them.

We managed to get a spot a few rows from the front, but I wasn’t really that fussed. After a lengthy soundcheck process, the boys eventually appeared on stage and broke out into their awesome live performance.

Having seen them so many times before and reviewed most of them, there’s really not much I can say here. Their setlist was the same as their set opening for Franz Ferdinand except shorter; missing About The Future and their cover of Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side. Indeed it was the first time I had seen them not perform a cover as part of their set- I think Michael muttered something about wanting to but not having the right equipment.

The crowd were clearly big Yves Klein Blue fans. Either that or they were female and just really really liked Michael (“Who is that?” asked one person, who had earlier been showing off about what a big fan she was, of bassist Sean). It wasn’t a great atmosphere for me but it was still good fun, and jumping up and down to the sounds of Yves Klein Blue while I sing every word of every song (I have even started to learn the words to the new song they have been playing) will just never get old.

Finishing with the double-hit of Polka and Getting Wise has served the band well on their festival tour, however I hope they spread them out a bit for their headline shows, where the audience are more likely to know most of their songs anyway. Michael was a masterful frontman as always, and proved just as good at winning over underage fans as adults, saying “I think this is our first all ages show in Melbourne” to huge applause.

The lack of ATF will surely be a disappointment to many of the fans there, and it was a bit of a surprise given that it is their latest single, but naturally I didn’t really mind, and it is nowhere near as good with an electric guitar instead of an acoustic anyway. It was amusing to hear Michael lip-syncing swear words in the lyrics (sigh, all ages festivals), only to have the crowd yell them anyway, and then to swear during banter. What a joke.

What was more of a joke was after the show, when Michael and other band members were mingling around the barrier chatting to dedicated fans, and security took it upon themselves to literally tackle us fans at the barrier and push us away. Oooh, it was 8 o’clock at night, better not hang around too long, even when clearly the band members are wanting to have a chat to fans. I still got to have a very brief chat with Michael and touched him repeatedly (in a very non-sexual way).

As selfish as I may be when it comes to live music, I really do appreciate what Pushover does for the underage music scene in Melbourne, and I appreciate that Yves Klein Blue finally got a chance to give back to their hoards of underage fans. More than anything, Yves Kline Blue at Pushover capped off an utterly ridiculous two weeks of live music for me, and I plan on giving myself a week to recover and do other things (there are other things?).

And even for a fifth time, it was still fun to see Yves Klein Blue live, and I am incredibly incredibly excited for the headline show in the coming weeks

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